Bar Straightening Services

Hot or cold, Pro-Roll has the capability to straighten a wide variety of materials and sizes.

We understand that the straighter a bar is before being ground or turned, the better the final product. With this in mind, we offer three different method of straightening material: Stretch Straightening, Bump Straightening and Reeling.

Our stretch straightening machine can handle sizes from: 8mm (0.314”) to 50.8mm (2”) diameters and flats.

Our bump straightening machine can handle sizes from: 25.4mm (1”) to 152.4mm (6”) diameters or squares.

Our two reeling machines can handle a size range of 7.2mm (0.286”) to 80mm (3.150”) diameter, with our larger machine being able to take lengths of up to 6mtrs.

For tougher materials, or those with low tensile properties when cold, we also have the capability to heat material before it is straightened. Bars are heated in our furnaces to a workable temperature before being removed one at a time for straightening; this prevents any snapping or cracking occurring whilst the material is put under strain.