Bar Finishing Services

We offer a number of services in the processing of almost all metals, including, but not limited to, the following described in the table below and can cater for lengths up to 6.5 meters (21' 4"). Select a service from the left hand side to see a description of what we offer.

We take pride in finding a solution to our customers' problems, so if any of the below do not meet your requirements, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss what we can do for your business.


  • » Heat Treatment
  • » Bar Straightening
  • » Centreless Grinding
  • » Ultrasonic Testing
  • » Billet/Bar Sawing
Heat Treatment Options
Solution Treatment
Hardening and Tempering
Aging (Precipitation Hardening)
Stress Relieving - Quench facilities of either water or polymer
Bar Straightening Options
Reeling Up to 100mm (4") ∅ (Alloy dependent)
Press Straightening Up to 150mm (6") ∅
Stretch Straightening  
6mm (0.236") ∅ to 100mm (4") ∅
Contact method
AMS STD 2154
Class A/AA
Automatic Band Sawing
Up to 325mm (13") ∅