From black to bright; Pro-Roll offer tight tolerances and excellent surface finishes.

Centreless Grinding:

Pro-Roll hosts two Mikrosa centreless grinding machines, and a Cincinatti No. 4 Centreless grinder, allowing us to offer grinding on bars from 12.7mm (0.5”) to 101mm (4”) diameter in lengths up to 4mtrs.

Centreless Bar Turning Peeling:

One of our most recent additions, our Farmer Norton No. 4 Bar Peeler allows us to peel diameters of 25.4mm (1”) to 101.6mm (4”), in lengths of up to 5-6mtrs.

Bar peeling allows for rapid stock removal from bars, making it good for the removal of raw surfaces, oxidised layers, surface cracks and imperfections.

Lathe Turning:

Our 4 different lathes allow us to offer bar turning from 100mm (4”) diameter, all the way up to 700mm (27.5”) diameter, in lengths up to 4mtrs.


Our Hartford Vertical Machining Centre has a footprint of 430mm x 1100mm x 400mm, allowing us to machine numerous different shapes and profiles, from a variety of materials and sizes.