• Pro-Roll are experts in the hand-rolling of specialist alloys
  • We operate to industry approved quality standards to ensure a premium service
  • We firmly believe the traditional methods are best and strive to provide the best service
  • Our two operational rolling mills cater for different diameter bars
  • Our highly skilled workforce is key to satisfying customer requirements
  • Adhering to these principles has made Pro-Roll what it is today
  • This grade II listed water mill is the home of Pro-Roll Ltd.

About Pro-Roll

Pro-Roll Ltd. is a specialist hand rolling mill, dedicated to providing service and quality in the rolling of specialised alloys for a variety of industries. For over 10 years our levels of expertise in the rolling of "difficult" materials have been continually developed, along with a host of more common grades of Steel, Alloys and Metals for industries such as; Aerospace, Oilfield Engineering, Bio-Medical Implants, Defence, Architectural, Construction, Electronics, & Marine. Our main emphasis is to produce material rolled to size or section shape from customer supplied material, however we can offer a complete supply package from starting billet to finished bar if required.

In August 2012, Pro-Roll opened a brand new bar finishing division close to the current mill facilities. Fully equipped with heat treatment, grinding, straightening and ultrasonic testing capabilities, Pro-Roll can offer a complete package from rolling through to bar processing and finishing.

A workplace with history

Based in the picturesque Loxley valley on the outskirts of Sheffield, the Little Matlock Rolling Mill dates back to the industrial revolution and is currently the home of Pro-Roll Ltd.


The heritage of the rolling mill is long and interesting. Going back to its origin in 1864, there has been a rolling mill on the site since that date and parts of the current building are still in their original construction.


Once a water powered mill (the water wheel still adorns the building, although not used since 1957) it has been brought up to date with equipment capable of rolling the most difficult materials currently in use. 
In addition we are commonly working with development trials for other proprietary manufacturers to develop materials of their design which are new to the industry and still in the development stage. Due to the flexibility of the works, and the fact that quantity is not a major restricting factor we can work with projects of this nature comfortably.